HOMEPGA Golf-school

PGA Golf-school

I you want to become a better golfer or improve your handicap, you need to train effectively.

Precise golf training is the key to success. If you want to improve your score you need to practise certain swings, but also the shote distance shots are important to score well on  the green.

A basic level of fitness is necessary to realize the mentioned points. The intensity and the number of swings make it important to have a certain edurance to shoot longer and more accurate. There is already a special strength and endurance training for golfers. And it is important to warm up before the first hit to avoid injuries.

Every human is individual and the golf school Zillertal serves these individual needs to guarantee best results. The perfect swing is tought with the most modern teaching and analyse methods. Everybody can learn how to golf. A basis for a later golfing career is necessary.



Which courses are there?

•    single courses:  effective individual training to improve technique
•    multiple level course: starts at differnet levels, all golfers can start at.