Soothing massage with gentle strokes. Alleviates fluid retention and strengthens the immune system.

Duration: 50 min / € 60
Duration: 30 min / € 36

Cupping stimulates the self-healing powers of the body. The very gentle, pulsating cupping device has a firming and detoxifying effect. The tissue is moved and the blood supplied with an increased amount of oxygen. The cell activity, the lymphatic flow and the metabolism are stimulated and enhanced.

  • Back
    Duration: 50 min / € 60
  • Legs, pelvis and shoulder
    Duration: 40 min / € 52
  • Face and joints
    Duration: 25 min / € 36

Deep relaxation and wellbeing from the power of stones. This treatment has its roots in old shamanic wisdom and has a long tradition with the Indians. Hot basalt stones and cold marble stones are the highlight of this incredible full-body massage which not only gives physical relaxation but also brings harmony to the soul. The muscles are loosened, the lymphatic flow stimulated and tensions are soothed away. Not suitable for diabetics.

Duration: 90 min / € 115


Saabaydi is a Thai greeting and means “I wish you happiness, health and a good life”. First, the back and shoulders are massaged using hot herbal stamps. This treatment is followed by a whole-body oil massage. Tensions are loosened and the body’s self-healing powers are activated. The blend of herbs used in the stamps has a purifying, warming and calming effect.

Duration: 80 min / € 110
(on demand)

Hawaiian temple massage. The Lomi Lomi Nui massage therapist applies rhythmic, massaging movements with hands and forearms using a lot of high-quality oil.

Duration: 90 min / € 122
Duration: 60 min / € 85

A combination of massaging with elbows and cupping. Depending on the blockages the therapist treats the deep layers of neck, back and lumbar muscles. The result is a deep relaxation and regeneration and an improved energy flow.

Duration: 50 min / € 68