We explore yoga in a playful way. The natural feeling for one’s own body and breathing are perceived more consciously. Yoga strengthens the self-confidence – even for our little yogis who very often have hectic kindergarten and school days!

Kids yoga promotes imagination and creativity of a child, as well as the gross and fine motor skills. Almost all yoga exercises have names from the animal kingdom and nature (cobra, dog, fish, monkey…), which stimulates the imagination of children. In the form of games and stories children get to know their own body.  Let Werner surprise you with his playful exercises.


Experience conciousness, correct breathing, active keeping and loosening of physical exercises (asanas).

  • 5 Tibetans: The name stands for a series of five exercises that will keep your body and mind healthy. This has been successfully practiced by monks in Tibet for centuries. The exercises harmonize the chakra energies. The individual exercises are attributed to certain physical and psychological effects. These range from strengthening the immune system or a tighter complexion to discarding prejudices.
  • Singing bowls therapy: Alpha waves create a profound state of relaxation
  • Satsang – Philosophical conversations: A common listening, speaking and thinking – cause and effect

@ SUN afternoons, duration: 1 hour

A fantastic journey – Going inside yourself

Let your soul be positively influenced in the silence of meditation guided by spiritual light and find your inner self.
Yoga Nidra is an exercise of deep relaxation, its effects going beyond the familiar idea of relaxation. Gentle yoga and breathing exercises prepare you for the journey into yourself.


Guided meditation for holistic healing

The seven chakras are distributed on the human body. These chakras are energy centres of life which affect circulation, the hormone activity and certain organ functions as well as emotions. Elements of chakra meditation are a slow, thoughtful and deep breathing, silence, meditative reflections of light and colour as well as the realization of one’s own inner spiritual strength.

Blockages are dissolved, more energy can flow and awareness, vibrancy and well-being may increase significantly in a very short time.