HOMETop Excursion Tips

Top Excursion Tips

Holidays are the most precious time of the year. Spend quality time together with your partner and your family, slow things down and enjoy memorable holiday experiences. From the large choice of attractions, we have put together our best excursion tips.


Experience & Discovery Tours

Erlebnissennerei Zillertal

Explore the world of milk processing at the Erlebnissennerei Zillertal, Tirol’s first show dairy. During the tour through the 6,000 m² facility,  11 interpretive stations and multimedia terminals explain the process of cheese making. Visitors are welcome to taste the products which are also available at the adjacent shop.


Farm Tour Mayrhofen

The dairy’s own farm invites small and large visitors to explore a working farm. The farmers are proud to show everyone the first and most important step for the production of high-quality products: keeping farm animals in species-appropriate surroundings.


Zillertal High Alpine Road

The Zillertal High Alpine Road is one of the most scenic alpine roads in Austria. During the climb from 550 to 2,020 metres above sea level, visitors get to soak up incredible vistas. Numerous mountain inns invite to stop by. Toll charge is EUR 8.00 for cars carrying up to 6 passengers.


Valleys and Water Reservoirs

Discover the Zillertal from a bird’s eye view! Explore the fascinating area surrounding Stilluptal, Schlegeis and Zillergrund. Large water reservoirs and a huge terrain rich in animal and plant species invite to beautiful walks. Tip: Take a guided tour inside the Schlegeis dam.


Spruce Castle

The Rosenalm high above Zell am Ziller is home to a fantastic treehouse castle, called the “Fichtenschloss” or “Spruce Castle”. Small and large visitors of the Zillertal Arena are invited to clamber up the climbing tower, glide down the tower slide and “work” in the crane tower. Make sure to check out the large water play area and adventure playground.

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Swarovski Crystal Worlds Wattens

Swarovski is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision cut crystal, crafted to the highest standards of quality and creativity. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of crystals in the Chambers of Wonder and the Garden of the Giant at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

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Silver Mine Schwaz

Experience a fascinating adventure at the Silver Mine Schwaz. The journey takes you 800 metres underground into the mining gallery, where the tour portrays the history of medieval silver and copper mining.


Tirol Farmstead Museum

Step back to days gone by at the unique Tirol Farmstead Museum. Explore 14 relocated original heritage farmhouses from various valleys of Tirol, portraying the life of farmers and history of rural Tirol.


“Feuerwerk” World of Wood Fügen

Take a tour through Europe’s most economic biomass cogeneration plant. Ten stations describe the production of renewable energy with state-of-the-art technology, the use of wood throughout history and the significance of the natural product wood. 


Upside-down House Terfens

The fully furnished house was deliberately built upside down. Stare up in wonder at furniture and fittings hanging from the ceiling. A fun excursion for the whole family.


Innsbruck – Capital of the Alps

Tirol’s capital is brimming with history and culture. Architectural gems like the famous Golden Roof and the Imperial Court Palace lurk around every corner of the historic centre. Innsbruck has many interesting sights to explore, such as the Bergisel ski-jump, the Hungerburgbahn funicular or the Alpine Zoo.


Alpine Zoo

The Innsbruck alpine zoo is the highest zoo in Europe (727 m). Visit the habitats of native animals such as ibex, brown bears, otters, golden eagles and wolves, at the alpine zoo high above Tirol’s capital Innsbruck. A memorable experience for the whole family.

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Castle Tratzberg

The guided tour through the 500-year-old castle Tratzberg takes you on a journey into the past. Audio guides tell the fascinating story of the castle, narrated from the view of its historical residents.


Glass Town Rattenberg

The medieval centre of Austria’s smallest town boasts restored townhouses, cobbled streets and alleyways. With its thriving glass craftsmanship Rattenberg continues the centuries-old tradition of glass manufacturing.


Riedel Glass Blowing Works

At the famous glass manufacture, skilled glassblowers still use the traditional technique to create the world-famous handcrafted Riedel glasses and decanters. The “Sinnfonie” multimedia show takes visitors on a magical journey through the world of handcrafted Austrian glass artistry. Glasses and souvenirs can be purchased in the adjacent shop.


Krimml Worlds of Water

The WasserWunderWelt in Krimml is a perfect starting point to the natural spectacle of the impressive Krimml Waterfalls. The theme park is a comprehensive, unique array of interactive experiences revolving around the theme of water, featuring an aqua park and a multimedia presentation.

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