Yoga at the Tuxerhof

Yoga is a philosophy of life which we celebrate in our new “Himmelreich” relaxation heaven. Yoga classes take place almost daily throughout the year and are suitable for all ages and abilities, for men and women, for beginners and advanced. Between practicing you have enough time for your own activities. Participation in all our yoga classes is included in the package price.


Gaby – our source of tranquility and energy

At the first glance our yoga teacher Gaby makes a modest and reserved impression, at the second glance she is a person with an interesting history. She used to work as an engineer on an oil rig in Norway where she regularly suffered from back pain. After a curative yoga class she decided to complete the training as a yoga teacher and to embark on a new stage of life.

Yoga means to me… Feeling satisfaction and tranquility with every fibre of my being

Yoga brings this added value to my pupils… physiologically and rationally: it strengthens and expands the entire musculoskeletal system and as a consequence balances the psyche.

For yoga I bring with me… comfortable clothes and good mood.

I will leave at home… everyday stresses and strain


Yoga Programme

Yoga Hatha 04


  • Sun Salutation

    In the Far East the early morning hours are considered a very special and highly effective time for yoga. Nature awakens and in the body’s metabolism certain reactions and adjustments set in which can positively affect the entire daily routine.

    The sun salutation is a sequence of twelve yoga poses (asanas) that merge into one another in the rhythm of breathing. The series of exercises invigorates the body, mind and soul. The joints are mobilized, muscles and ligaments are stretched and the cardiovascular system enhanced.

    @ mornings at 8.00h: SUN / TUE / THU, Duration: 40 minutes

  • Gentle Yoga & Pranayama

    Pleasant movements – gentle breathing – quiet, relaxing moments

    Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga in which the balance between body and mind is sought especially through physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation. Hatha means life force that is necessary to achieve the ultimate goal.

    Slowly and gently we deal with the stiffness and fetch the body and mind from where they are. The strong release of endorphins and growth hormones is a real anti-aging – or rather a happy-aging programme.

    Tip: The perfect entry-level programme for those who simply want to try yoga.

    @ TUE midday, duration: 1.5 hours

  • Advanced Hatha Yoga

    Rishikesh series – The way of satisfaction

    Explore subtle spheres with our yoga teacher Werner – perfection in motion

    Werner shows you how to learn to control the mind and the emotions and bring the energies into harmony. With the aim of physical and mental health, satisfaction and finding your personal way on the path of enlightenment.

    @ THU midday, duration: 1.5 hours 


  • Nidra Yoga for Children

    We explore yoga in a playful way. The natural feeling for one’s own body and breathing are perceived more consciously. Yoga strengthens the self-confidence – even for our little yogis who very often have hectic kindergarten and school days!

    Kids yoga promotes imagination and creativity of a child, as well as the gross and fine motor skills. Almost all yoga exercises have names from the animal kingdom and nature (cobra, dog, fish, monkey…), which stimulates the imagination of children. In the form of games and stories children get to know their own body.  Let Werner surprise you with his playful exercises.


  • Tibetan Day

    Experience conciousness, correct breathing, active keeping and loosening of physical exercises (asanas).

    • 5 Tibetans: The name stands for a series of five exercises that will keep your body and mind healthy. This has been successfully practiced by monks in Tibet for centuries. The exercises harmonize the chakra energies. The individual exercises are attributed to certain physical and psychological effects. These range from strengthening the immune system or a tighter complexion to discarding prejudices.
    • Singing bowls therapy: Alpha waves create a profound state of relaxation
    • Satsang – Philosophical conversations: A common listening, speaking and thinking – cause and effect

    @ SUN afternoons, duration: 1 hour

  • Nidra yoga

    A fantastic journey – Going inside yourself

    Let your soul be positively influenced in the silence of meditation guided by spiritual light and find your inner self.
    Yoga Nidra is an exercise of deep relaxation, its effects going beyond the familiar idea of relaxation. Gentle yoga and breathing exercises prepare you for the journey into yourself.


  • Chakra Meditation with Moon Salutation

    Guided meditation for holistic healing

    The seven chakras are distributed on the human body. These chakras are energy centres of life which affect circulation, the hormone activity and certain organ functions as well as emotions. Elements of chakra meditation are a slow, thoughtful and deep breathing, silence, meditative reflections of light and colour as well as the realization of one’s own inner spiritual strength.

    Blockages are dissolved, more energy can flow and awareness, vibrancy and well-being may increase significantly in a very short time.


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